Social anxiety disorder (SAD)

CBT for social anxiety

Someone who suffers from social anxiety, or has a social phobia, feels anxious when talking to other people or being observed by other people. They fear that they will do something embarrassing or humiliating, or that others are thinking badly of them or judging them. This fear of negative evaluation by others may reflect underlying beliefs about being less good than others, different or not quite up to scratch.

SAD may give rise to extremely unpleasant (but physically harmless) reactions such as blushing, sweating and trembling). It also produces distressing self-consciouness. It's onset is usually in early adolesence, sometimes it can begin earlier. Without treatment is runs a chronic unremitting couse.

Four aspects of social anxiety,

Social anxiety affects our body, our feelings, our behaviour and our thinking, but it does not affect everyone in exactly the same way. Think about what you notice happening to you when you are anxious in social situauions.

Effects on your feelings or emotions:

Panicky feelings, fear apprehension, nervousness, frustration, irritation,anger, shame, embarrassment, sadness, depression treatment cbt, feeling hopeless etc.

Examples of effects on your body:

Shaking or trembling, sweating, blushing, stammering, tension, racing heart, racing mind, mind going blank etc.

Effects on your behaviour:

Avoiding people, places or activities, escaping from difficult situations, protecting yourself from things that you fear, trying not to attract attention etc.

CBT is the only evidence based treatment for SAD.